Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Casting In His Net"~
Making Web Ministry Easy and Purposeful

Making Web Ministry Easy and Purposeful

First Let's Make It Easy:

There is only one reason to be on the internet for the Lord! Virtual space is EXACTLY the same as reality space. Therefore the same reason you are in ministry in reality space is your exact same reason for be online with your ministry! There is no difference!

You can minister, preach, teach, pray, counsel, evangelize; whatever you do in the four walls of your church you can interactively reproduce via an online media application! The only thing stopping you in creatively ministering online maybe your ability to understand the technology!

Master the internet communications tools and you are in ministry online!

I have discovered a wonderful one stop social media online guide manual! The website is an online handbook where you can get key instructions for many of the popular online media tools. Visit:


This fascinating website offers "how to" information for everything you will need to maximize web ministry production online. Put something of your content in a circle of technology and link all accounts to a master website and you are up and running!

Next Make It Purposeful!

Personally, I don't committ to any social media network or tool where I can't collect an email address! I must know who is in my online ministry and my goal is to gather those under the sound of my voice for the Lord. This is the same purpose as my reality ministry.

If you are involved in networks where you have an audience but you have no way of communicating to them other than that network---well, it's not very productive. For example the Twitter craze may allow you to reach countless but you have no way of contacting them personally. To collect email addresses from those who are following your threads is important!

Use my web ministry tip! Send them something free, where they have to register to receive it! Your favorite handout, lesson, devotional, sermon offered freely behind a login feature will extend your ministry reach AND get an email address for future distributions.

For example you may be reading my blog and not register for my blog sends. You enjoyed the read but I don't know who you are and I can't contact you again! So...

Enjoy my FREE e-book on HOW TO TWITTER! I will teach you in 5 minutes Twitter Basics for your ministry communications for FREE!

"Twitter 4 Jesus! FREE!~
Learn Twitter In 5 Minutes!"

You can download e-book FREELY!

Remain blessed,
Bishop CD Miller
Copyright 2009.
All Rights Reserved.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Casting In His Net~"8 Widgets To Making A Widget!"

Casting In His Net~"8 Widgets To Making A Widget!"

I answered Pam Perrry's Blogging question today,

"How do people learn to do this stuff?'
Am I the only one who takes a while to
"get it" with this new info/digital age?

Well the answer is easy enough!

When we don't know what to do,

look for the person who does!

Casting In His Net~"8 Widgets To Making A Widget!"
Stay In The Know, With Those In The Know!

Bishop CD Miller

Copyright 2008. All Rights Reserved.


1. Join Casting In His Net Blog for Web Ministry Tech Tips!

2. Take your original RSS feed and burn it at FEEDBURNER.com

3. Now, burning your feed allows you many advantages more than
just using your original feed.

4. The registration login feature it creates for your feed allows you to put a registration block on your blog and it COLLECTS EMAILS ADDRESSES you can DOWNLOAD! Now you can track WHO IS READING YOUR BLOG!

5. Go To "Publicize"

6. Go Scroll To "Spring Widget Skin"

7. Have fun designing your widget; drop in multiple feeds; make it colorful; insert a url for a background graphic; make different sizes and ENJOY!

8. Visit the Widget Gallery For More and Enjoy adding ADSENSE codes to your feeds with FEEDBURNER to monetize and MORE!

Speaking of MORE...Thanks for the inspiration to update my blog today and take more New Media Social Networking Classes, Free classes and web tips!

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