Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Make Your Ministry Certificates, Diplomas and Awards Free ONLINE!

Six Steps For Making Your Ministry, Bible Institute,
Church Certicates, Diplomas, Awards ONLINE FOR FREE!

Here's HOW!

Looking for a way to do personalize certificates online for FREE!

1. To Make a certificate, diploma, awards begin by searching with KEYWORDS:

free printable certificates; certificates online free

Identify a certificate online free site you find easy to work with.

Visit sites and SELECT the certificate you desire. Some sites
allow you to personalize and then print directly from your desktop printer.

Some require payment for customization...but here is


2. TIP! You can actually personalize certificates if they come as PDF!
First, Download the certificate image.

Simply right click the jpeg image, then copy and or if it is in a PDF file highlight diagonally across the image,then copy the image.

3. Now in Word or Power Point Program or any text creating document PASTE the copied image directly into a new document.

4. Now "Add/INSERT" text boxes from the program's application .
Place the "text boxes" in position as you would like on your document OVER THE CERTIFICATE IMAGE IN POSITION. Put the TEXT BOX IN PLACE ON THE JPEG.

5. Type your personalized text IN text boxes.

6. Title and Save Your Document! Print From Your Desktop!

Bishop Recommends These Printable Certificate Sites:

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